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Dynamic Solutions Group offers a wide variety of software and hardware solutions tailored to meet your business needs.  Solutions are designed around each client's needs with a multitude of options to fit each situation.  Whether the solution is in the Cloud, hosted or on-premises; we fit your requirements with the right solution.  Our commitment to you is to provide the answers and implement the solutions best suited.


Dynamic Solutions Group strives to deliver accounting solutions with the level of quality, experience, and expertise that we are known for.  We have been doing this for over 25 years. Our Approach is to find the process first, then the solution that fits your process. We successfully do this by having experts in accounting, IT, software development, and process design. 


We understand that shrinking IT budgets, rapid deployment and a need for cost management and flexibility are just a few of the concerns facing our clients in today’s economy.


Dynamic Solutions Group has developed several fixed price, per user, per month packages that provide all of the latest business solutions software and eliminates the need for large upfront costs.


Clients are able to customize hosting packages to include server hardware, software licensing, including most ERP software products and annual license fees.  It’s flexible, cost effective and best of all you can access it any time, any where there is an internet connection.


Pricing structures are based on the monthly user count and application subscription rates.  Users count may not drop below 5 users however, applications may be added or removed monthly and rate will be adjusted accordingly.

For more information about our consulting services please contact us.  


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