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Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formerly Great Plains)


Choosing a new business solution doesn’t have to be an imposing and expensive endeavor.  Microsoft Dynamics GP, accommodates the small business user with a  basic  level of products and services and can be extended by upgrading to the next level and across platforms if necessary.  The functionality of the out-of-the-box  model enhances the ability to integrate and automate financial and operational process quickly.  This helps you drive productivity, keep overhead costs down, and keep pace in your competitive marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you meet government, industry, and general standards efficiently.  Connect business processes and extend access to business critical information across your organization.  Make more informed decisions and turn information into action with business intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis tools.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can focus on your growing business. Everything you need-your operating system, database, personal productivity tools and e-mail-all work together to help lower implementation and long-term ownership costs. Microsoft Dynamics GP frees you to harness the power and flexibility of an award-winning business management solution.

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Dynamics GP Business Intelligence & eCommerce


The ability to extract and present information in a meaningful way is vital to business success. If you find it challenging to effectively access, analyze, forecast, report on, and share the information you need to achieve corporate objectives, consider Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI).  For a BI solution to fulfill its promise, it must be flexible and functional enough to expand from the individual to the team to the entire organization. It must also accommodate the different needs of people in your organization and incorporate all the types of information, both structured and unstructured, people use to make decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide organizations with a wide range of reporting and analysis tools and applications; some are delivered as part of the core Microsoft Dynamics GP solution, while others are offered as additional products that extend Microsoft Dynamics GP. These tools and applications can provide an integrated platform and applications:


  • A secure and personalized user experience

  • A collaborative environment

  • A comprehensive, cost-effective solution

Dynamic Solutions Group provides eCommerce solutions for small to medium sized businesses.  These solutions help integrate your web sites, accounting systems, inventory systems, and customer management systems with your eCommerce system.  Dynamic Solutions Group offers eCommerce solutions that are seamless and simple to manage.

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